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Adventure & Fun Albania

Albania’s unspoiled wilderness is star of show for dynamic tourism company

© 2015 R. Mena / J. Zamora
To the average person, “Albania” and “tourism” are two topics they might not connect at first, but this is mostly due to a general lack of awareness of what Albania can provide to tourists. With a rich archeological heritage rooted in Greek, Ottoman, and Roman history, unspoiled beaches, mountainous topography, traditional cuisine, unique traditions and hospitality, all available for low prices, the rest of the world is finally starting to notice what Albania has to offer. In recent years, Albania was ranked fourth on the New York Times’ 52 destinations to visit and the number one place to visit by Lonely Planet. While Albania might not be as developed as some of Europe’s better known vacation spots, the country is poised to grab attention as a worldwide travel destination and shed its often used nickname of “Europe’s Last Secret.”

To capitalize on this potential growth in the interest of Albania’s natural beauty, a successfully run tourism industry is essential, and few companies stand to meet that need and reap the rewards better than Adventure & Fun Albania. Starting in 2008 as a family business, the company went on to be registered as an l.t.d. in 2013. Since the company has its roots firmly established in Albanian tradition, Adventure & Fun can be the bridge between tourists and a more authentic experience of Albania than the larger companies that are sure to move into this growing market will be able to provide.

This more authentic approach to tourism is exemplified by the company’s emphasis on sustainable tourism with small group and private tour experiences only. Adventure & Fun’s motto is “discover, experience, enjoy” and they seek to enable their guests to have fun while discovering new places, traditions, and cultures all while being a part of breathtaking experiences. Since the company allows customers to book their tours directly, Adventure & Fun is the perfect opportunity for visitors with no real connection or prior knowledge of the country to have a great vacation experience while learning how to respect the culture in which they are visiting.

© 2015 R. Mena / J. Zamora
As their name suggests, the company can offer more than just sightseeing tours to people who are seeking more adventurous activities. They provide hiking/trekking, mountain biking, and off-road tours of various difficulties. Adventure & Fun is one of the few tour providers to offer the “Peaks of the Balkans” tour which won the WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Award in 2013. Some of Adventure & Fun’s tour offerings are completely unique to the company, such as a trekking tour on the unbeaten paths of the wild Ionian Blue Coast and more difficult tours that emphasize mountaineering.

These unique tours are not the only way the company has been innovative though, as they are the only Albanian tour company to introduce the concept of parallel touring. Parallel touring is a system that offers two different programs running parallel everyday. This allows the guest to decide in the morning which activity he or she feels up to participating, according to their physical condition that day. This flexibility also extends to the type of tours the company can offer, as they are able to accommodate families and plan tours specifically with children in mind.

Adventure & Fun Albania’s connection to and respect of authentic cultural experiences, as well as their innovative flexibility and unique, adventurous tour capabilities leaves this company perfectly positioned to profit from Albania’s bright future.


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