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Aliiibamou Resorts Carolines

Resort in the beautiful island nation of Palau stuns guests with personalized attention and amazing experiences

© 2015 Raul Men / J. Zam
Palau, a tiny island nation in the western Pacific Ocean which forms part of Micronesia, is one the world’s most incredible tourist destinations for those who love nature. With a population of only about 18,000, the country is among the smallest in the world. Its most populated island, Koror, is home to 11,400, about 70% of the population. Despite the country’s small size, its name has grown in stature over the years as word of its ecological beauty has spread over the world.

For one, Palau has some of the best diving and Scuba diving in the world. 60% of the marine habitat in the country is protected, and thus some extremely rare creatures are found in the waters of Palau, such as the ancient Nautilus, a relative of squid and octopus that hasn’t changed for hundreds of thousands of years. Further, each of the 250 Islands that make up the country are heavily forested. Some animals in Palau include the flying fox, an enormous yet friendly species of bat, and the saltwater crocodile.

Dolphins, Whales, Sharks, and all manner of marine megafauna can be found in the waters. Scuba divers love the ability to check out some WWII wreckage at the bottom of the coves while simultaneously experiencing the wonders of the coral barrier reefs and all the amazing wildlife that swim the waters.

Tourism is a major part of the Palauan economy, which is admittedly pretty small. Other economic activity is largely subsistence farming and fishing by locals, so serving visitors is an important source of jobs in the islands. Visitors can make their way to the islands by way of Palau International Airport, which serves direct flights from Guam, Manila, Seoul, Taipei and Tokyo. There are only 23 hotels in Palau, but one of the most special and unique is Aliiibamou Resorts Carolines, located on Ngerekebesang Island.

© 2015 Raul Men / J. Zam
Aliiibamou Resorts Carolines is made up of 8 bungalows located on a hilltop overlooking the Pacific Island. Ngerekebesang Island is connected to Koror by a bridge, and is where the second biggest town in Palau—Meyuns—can be found. But still, the island is tiny. There’s really only one road, and it’s quiet, secluded, and extremely romantic. Aliiibamou Resorts Carolines capitalizes on this special atmosphere with seclusion, privacy, and amazing service. To wake up in one of the resort’s eight bungalows is to be greeted only by the sound of wind rustling through the trees, the chirping of birds, and the soft roar of the surf lapping up on the shore below. Of course, to leave this serene atmosphere and this amazing view would be a crime, so the resort delivers a beautiful breakfast straight to its guests’ balconies to make the experience perfect. Room service is, of course, available all day until 9 pm. After a long day of snorkeling or diving, an incredible sunset awaits from the same balcony on which the guest had breakfast that morning.

Aliiibamou Resorts Carolines, formerly known as the Carolines resort, knows that guests come a long way to stay there, so it gives its absolute all to making sure that stays at its resort are simply magical. For the naturalist or the lover of the island way of life, there is simply no experience better than a stay at the Aliiibamou Resorts Carolines in Palau.


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