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Alliance Consult Network; DR Congo’s Leading ICT Solutions Provider

Providing key services in the country’s young telecommunications and renewable energy industries that provide solutions for poor or nonexistent infrastructure

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The Democratic Republic of the Congo, the larger of the two African countries with the word “Congo” in their names, is second largest country by area in Africa, and the fourth-largest country by population on the continent, with about 80 million residents, making it the largest country in the world with French as its official language. From 1971 through 1997, the country was known as Zaire, and before that it was known as the Belgian Congo during its over half-century as a European Colony. Today, this resource-rich country is beginning its ascent into economic vitality, and nowhere is this growth more apparent than in its capital, Kinshasa.

Kinshasa, which is located across the mighty Congo River from Brazzaville, is one of the world’s fastest growing cities. Its urban area population has swelled to over 12 million people this year, buoyed by the arrival of an estimated 390,000 people each year, many coming from upriver or massive conglomerations of barges that resemble floating villages. Here, people are not only drawn to Kinshasa to study in one of its many universities or to pursue a dream, but also to escape poverty, drought, and war from areas throughout inland Africa, hoping to build a better life. With the massive increases in population putting a strain on the city’s public services, The European Union, USAID, and other international development organizations are launching programs to improve Kinshasa’s infrastructure.

At the center of DR Congo’s commercial, cultural, and governmental world’s, Kinshasa is naturally home to many of the most important businesses and organizations working in the country. The country’s GDP has been growing steadily largely thanks to tremendous growth in the mining sector, and it is from the deep waters of the river port here that important industrial minerals such as cobalt ore and copper are forwarded along to sea routes in the Atlantic Ocean.

Kinshasa is also the center of the country’s nascent telecommunications sector, which remains relatively underdeveloped due to poor national and international telecom and electrical infrastructure. The country’s potential is clear, however, as its large population is getting online at a higher rate than most other countries with low levels of internet penetration. People and businesses are utilizing a piecemeal assortment of technologies to compensate for the lack of a dominant, centrally-administered system, with mobile broadcasting solutions being the most common. One company, Alliance Consult Network, which is based in Kinshasa, offers a strategically comprised set of diversified services that are targeted at individuals, businesses, and organizations who wish to get online of their own accord, without relying on the government, ISP’s, or spotty infrastructure.

Satellite connectivity, solar energy, and web technologies that for the independent spirit

© 2016 David Veg / Ralmen

How do you get your hands on something when no one around you is providing it? Make it yourself. This is the philosophy behind Alliance Consult Network, a diversified Congolese ICT company that provides its clients with the ability to access high speed internet, have a web presence, and generate electricity with complete independence, perfect for individuals or businesses, such as mining operations, working in remote locations. This is accomplished with a suite of four key services: VSAT satellite communications system installation; solar panel and power distribution system installation; web design and web hosting; and sales of IT, power, and VSAT hardware.

VSAT, which stands for “very small aperture terminal,” is a satellite data transfer technology that allows transmission, via microwaves, between a ground based transceiver and a transponder in geostationary orbit in space, giving users the ability to create their own networks and connect to the world wide web without connection to a wire-based networking system. This gives users the ability to have complete control over their own internet service, and to attain internet service from any remote or underserved location they wish. New VSAT technologies are better than ever, allowing ever higher amounts of data transfer at a lower cost than ever before.

The second service that Alliance Consult Network provides is the installation of solar panel power generation systems, which are perfectly suited for the DR Congo’s sun-drenched climate. This gives its clients even more flexibility in where and how they can set up operations. Third, its web design and web hosting services, are offered to provide a world-class web presence for helping its clients build business and attract customers. And for setting up these incredible “off-the-grid” technological systems, Alliance Consult Network sources and sells all of the necessary equipment, hardware, and tools to get the job done.

For its innovative combination of strategic services, for its contributions to the growth of its country’s economy and prevalence of internet connectivity, and for the immense Quality and Excellence of its work, Alliance Consult Network has been selected to receive the 2016 BID International Quality Award from Business Initiative Directions.


BID is a private and independent organization founded in 1984, whose primary activity is business communication orientated towards quality, excellence and innovation in management. A leader in the broadcasting of Quality Culture, BID recognizes those companies and organizations which lead the most important activities in the business world, and is considered the founding organization in the broadcasting of the Culture of Quality, Excellence and Innovation in 179 countries. The trophy symbolizes a pledge to the principles of Quality Culture. The QC100 Total Quality Management Model, together with the Quality Mix program, media coverage of the convention and its impact on the community and business sector, create an unmatched platform for continuous improvement within the organization and awareness of the achievements of the company at an international level. Awards are given only to those who are committed to improving their Quality Culture based on the principles of the QC100 Total Quality Management Model. Candidates are proposed by the leaders of previously awarded companies who they consider worthy of the award. Especially meritorious candidates may also be nominated. The International BID Quality Award Selection Committee then chooses the winning companies who will receive the award in New York, Paris, Geneva, Frankfurt, Madrid and London.

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