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Asociación Argentina de Marcas y Franquicias (AAMF)

Argentina's leading franchises and brands association provides education and support to business owners

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Argentina is the third largest country in South America by population, but is one of the most distinct. Argentina is the birthplace of the Tango and home to both breathtaking nature and the capital city of Buenos Aires, said to be the most European city in South America. Argentina attracts 5.57 million tourists each year, who come for the wide variety of sights and experiences that are strictly Argentino. One of the biggest attractions in Argentina, aside from the world-class beef, is the wide variety of terrains, biotopes, and geographical features that are present in a relatively compact area. Whether it be the rugged terrain of Patagonia or the expansive high plains of the Pampas, Argentina has it all. Tierra del Fuego National Park, an archipelago off of the very most southern tip of Argentina is home to some of the most striking vistas in the entire world, with the massive mountains of the southernmost range of the Andes jutting up over jetties and lakes. Though the remote location is a challenge for travelers to reach, once they arrive, a more wondrous experience is difficult to imagine.

While ecological and cultural tourism are both significant contributors to Argentina’s economy, one of the most important parts of the economic picture in the country is entrepreneurship. Often, those who wish to start a new business often turn to franchises in order to start out with an established brand and operating system. But new business owners need support, and just staying in business during early years can prove to be quite a challenge.

© 2015 D. Vega / R. Men
Founded in 1989, the Asociación Argentina de Marcas y Franquicias (AAMF) (The Argentinean Association of Brands and Franchises) is a non-profit organization devoted to supporting and promoting the interests of business franchises and franchisees in the country of Argentina. By encouraging community and comradery between franchises and franchisees of all sizes, AAMF creates a better environment for entrepreneurs. AAMF hosts many major gatherings, such as the National Convention of Franchises and the Congress of Franchises, also many courses, workshops, seminars, and networking events such as lunches and dinners. Everything that AAMF does is to help educate and support those who open and run franchises in Argentina, and their work is invaluable in helping business to run more smoothly and profitably.

Another function of the AAMF is to research and collect information regarding franchising activity in Argentina. AAMF is the authority on franchises in the country, and their data and statistical record-keeping help companies and investors make important decisions regarding business plans and more.

The organization was created when the Asociación Argentina de Franquicias and The Cámara de Grandes Marcas merged in 2009, and ever since has been growing and expanding its services. AAMF hopes to foster a healthy, competitive, and fostering business environment in Argentina with a focus on quality and continuous learning. Its members, including over 120 member companies and encompassing international brands such as Dia Markets, McDonald’s, and Subway, and plenty of national brands such as Tentissimo, Grido Helados, and Junior B are the beneficiaries of AAMF’s excellence and quality.


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