New Deal between Iran and the West Bodes Well for Trade

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IranIran has the second largest populaton in the Middle East

Iran, Open for Business

In July, 2015 the U.S., Iran, Russia, China, U.K., France and Germany gave word that they had reached an accord on the status of Iran’s nuclear program. In exchange, economic sanctions imposed by western governments will be lifted. While there are still hurdles to be overcome within the U.S. legislature, the majority of the American public supports the deal and it is looking more and more likely that President Obama and his diplomatic team are going to get their way. Inside Iran, the deal is seen as a huge business opportunity.

The economic sanctions imposed by the western nations have made it difficult for Iranian companies to attract foreign investment. With the lifting of the sanctions, new money is expected to flow into the country and stimulate growth. Just last month, as it seemed likely a deal would be struck, the Telecommunication Company of Iran was was put up for sale. It is being offered at auction and will provide the purchaser with a monopoly on telephone communications within the country. Minimum bid is $7.8 billion.

In fact, the Iranian government has been sending signals that foreign investors are welcome since 2002 when a law was passed liberalizing the rules for foreign ownership of assets, protecting them from nationalization, and adding tax incentives. This year Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh emphasized to western investors that most businesses in Iran were eligible for investment by westerners other than strategic petroleum resources.

Although western investment in Iran has been hard to come by in recent years, that doesn’t mean that domestic economic activity has come to a standstill. To the contrary, the Iranian economy is diverse and vibrant, and GDP growth has tracked more or less with the rest of the world, in spite of the sanctions imposed by the West. The population is highly educated, the economy is one of the twenty largest in the world, and the poverty rate is quite low.

More important for international trade, Iran and the west have many interests in common, most notably a peaceful and stable region. Conflict is bad for business and bad for people, and the new accord is the best chance that Iran and the west have seen in decades for normalizing relations and entering into long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

Fishing Plays a Key Role

The long Iranian coastline, coupled with a diversified climate, makes Iran the biggest fishing nation in the region, and fishing is an important segment of the Iranian economy. Iran has commercial fisheries in the north on the Caspian Sea, the largest enclosed body of water in the world, and in the south on the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. Maintaining healthy fishing stocks is of strategic importance to the Iranian economy.

In the Caspian Sea, the Iranian government releases more than 250 million fingerlings per year under the Iranian Stock Enhancement Programme. Total landings have increased, and other Caspian Sea nations are expected to follow suit in the near future. Iranian scientists have also taken a leading role in controlling the spread of jellyfish, which feed on the larvae and eggs of kilka and other fish species. Other programmes geared toward sustainability of Caspian Sea fishing have been put into place.

In the Gulf, the Iranian government is also taking active steps to promote a sustainable fishing industry by means of a buy-back program for vessels engaged in bottom trawling.

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IranIranian caviar is considered the best in the world

Commercial fishermen need reliable equipment, and in the business of lifting and material handling products for marine applications, there is one clear leader: Crosby manufacturing, which makes products under a number of well respected brands like Crosby, Lebus, McKissick and National Swage. The Crosby name is so well respected in the industry that rigging contracts often stipulate "Crosby or equal" only. And if you want to buy Crosby products in Iran, then the place to go is Basir Gostar Co.

With offices in the port city of Bandar Anzali, Tehran and London, Basir Gostar has the infrastructure and the contacts to make sure that delivery is prompt and correct. Quality comes at no extra charge.

The partnership between Basir Gostar and Crosby did not come by accident. Crosby needed the most reliable supplier in Iran, and Basir Gostar only wanted to sell the best. Crosby products are the industry standard because Crosby has its own design house and metallurgy lab with proprietary processes to make sure that what it delivers is the best in the world. Testament to the excellence of their people is that Crosby personnel are active on many global standard setting organizations. And when Basir Gostar was looking for a supplier for their most discerning clients, Crosby was the natural choice.

Crosby engineering led to the development of the Vitalife Spray System. Vitalife addresses the issue of protecting wire ropes from corrosion, early failure, and residue left by traditional lubricants. Vitalife replaces commonly used viscous oil that is normally smeared onto the exterior of the rope, leaving a messy coating on the outside of the rope while failing to penetrate to the core, where failure is most common. Vitalife, on the other hand, penetrates to the core of the rope, does not wash off in water, is dry to the touch, and is available in a biodegradable formulation that has been both tested and approved through the USDA Biopreferred Program for biodegradable products.

Crosby has developed a proprietary sling for multiple leg rigging that reduces the number of required fittings, simplifies mounting, and facilitates inspection for wear parts. The McKissick brand of blocks offered by Crosby is the most robust available in the industry. McKissick sheaves are manufactured using their proprietary roll forged process, which extends the life of wire ropes, makes the block less prone to spreading, and doesn’t have the sharp edges found on cold formed split steel sheaves.

Basir Gostar has an expanded product line and range of services, including import and export, fishing equipment, net, rope, wire, winches, fabric, yarn, food processing machinery, and fish. According to Abbas Besaratdar, president of the group, quality products and good corporate citizenship are the keys to longevity in business.  "Our family has been in the fishing business for 70 years, and our principles are simple.  Always be honest with clients.  Promote the dignity of people.  And do your job with an eye towards making a safer and better world for our children." Their broad range of experience and commitment to quality make Basir Gostar a good place to start when looking to expand business in Iran.


The BID committee was impressed not only with Basir Gostar’s dedication to sell only the best available products in the business, but also considered that marketing a biodegradable lubricant for use in the sensitive Caspian Sea waters was important. Because of its commitment to continuous quality improvement, Basir Gostar has been selected to receive the BID Quality Crown Award for 2015 at the convention in London.


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