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Discovery Systems

Panamanian trade and commerce company works with world’s biggest retail brands.

© 2016 D. Vega / Javier Z
Panama, located in the immediate center of two important international trade routes, is arguably the most connected country in the Americas. The isthmus of Panama forms the land bridge that connects South and Central America, and is home to the canal that bridges the Caribbean sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Panama, with its strategically indispensable location, has found itself growing as a facilitator of international commerce and finance. Business is booming, and Panamanian companies are sought after as partners by companies from around the world.

When Inditex, the Spanish “fast-fashion” giant, was looking for a company to help supply its countless retail outlets in South and Central America with shelves, hangers, mannequins, and all manner of merchandise display hardware, it sought out a Panamanian company as well: Discovery Systems.

Discovery Systems, managed by Roberto Ajemblat, is the quintessential Panamanian company. It is steeped in the world of international trade, a partner with big brands and a facilitator of product movement and distribution.

It is, these days, mainly known for its work in the domestic appliance industry, in which it is the regional Authorized Distributor of Mondial kitchen appliances, a Brazilian brand that makes more than 500 products such as blenders, coffee makers, slow cookers, and toasters. It is also a distributor of Home Chef branded kitchen stoves and ovens, another Brazilian manufacturer that is number one in the Caribbean and Central America.

© 2016 D. Vega / Javier Z
But the company’s roots are in its significant display products business. Along with its operations of selling appliances to major retailers such as U.S.-based Wal Mart and French giant Carrefour, it also supplies them with the shelves, racks, and display tables that get consumers up and close with the products they are shopping for.

Inditex–the world’s largest clothing retailer–chose Discovery Products to source its display materials because of the immense amount of flexibility the company’s 2000-plus display products offer the creative merchandising teams of Zara, Pull & Bear, Bershka, Massimo Dutti and Zara Home. Each of Inditex’s brands has its own distinct aesthetic identity, and only Discovery Systems had the product range, flexibility, quality, and dynamism to source and manufacture customized solutions for the fashion group at the scale necessary for regional deployment.

Discovery Systems boasts a portfolio of over 100,000 products distributed, over 1,000 products manufactured, and over 2,000 satisfied clients. In true Panamanian fashion, the company operates in over 25 countries, encompassing most of South America, Central America, the Caribbean, and the United States. Discovery Systems is the kind of company that holds great potential for future growth and development, and is ready to take the next steps in making itself one of the biggest trade companies in the world.


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