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Zimbabwe’s leading freight company navigates complex waters for a diverse set of clients

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Harare, the capital and most populous city of Zimbabwe, was founded in 1890 as Fort Salisbury by a British military force. The name Salisbury persisted until 1982, when it was renamed Harare to celebrate the second anniversary of Zimbabwean independence.

Today, the city is home to about 1.5 million people, and a further million in the surrounding metropolitan area. Harare is the center of the country’s economic, governmental, and cultural life. Landmarks of the city include the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Chapungu Sculpture Park, the monument/burial ground known as National Heroes’ Acre, and the Anglican Cathedral of St. Mary’s & All Saints.

In Harare, doing business is a complex process, and strict government regulations and a constantly shifting economy can make some tasks more difficult than in other places. For instance, as it is a landlocked country, safely getting international freight into Zimbabwe can be a tricky proposition. Not only does the country lack direct port access, but its highway infrastructure is lacking and customs procedures, which are strict, can be frustrating to navigate.

Zimbabwe, however, relies heavily on imports and exports economically. The country exports about $3.3 billion in platinum, cotton, tobacco, and more each year, and imports about $5.2 billion in vehicles, machinery, electronics, and other manufactured goods. NGO’s, international organizations, religious organizations, corporations, and the state all must get goods in and out of the country. Luckily, Divine Freight Forwarding, based in Harare, has taken up the mantle of expert freight forwarding in the country and serves all clients, both private and public, in meeting their shipping needs. The company, handles imports as well as exports shipments for thousands of satisfied customers worldwide at a competitive rate. Due to the non-negotiable values, the company has extensively gained excellent wealth of experience in the handling of major projects fields in Africa, considered a world class expert in the logistics and supply chain.

Freight forwarding is a multi-step process that requires expert knowledge in multiple areas. In order to have access to goods from all over the world, Divine Freight operates out of two ports in Southern Africa: Durban, South Africa, and Beira, Mozambique. Incoming shipments, arranged by Divine Freight from their port of origin, can have their progress tracked online.

Then, freight is arranged to make its way over land by either rail or road to Zimbabwe’s borders. Divine Freight’s fleet of trucks and team of expert drivers reliably, swiftly, and efficiently make their way through the rough terrain of Southern Africa. Once at the border, the company’s own customs agents use their intimate knowledge of Zimbabwe import law to clear customs, in accordance with all regulations, easily and quickly. Commonly imported goods include machinery, transport equipment, other manufactured goods, chemicals, fuels, and food products.

© 2016 Jazam R. / R. Mena

In addition to its core activities, Divine Freight offers a comprehensive list of services to serve all of its clients’ needs, including, but not limited to air freight, warehousing, freight forwarding, courier services, planning and supply chain management, and distribution. With such a diverse and holistic approach to moving goods internationally, a strong quality focus is necessary to keep the company on track towards growth and excellence.

Managing Director Dr. Chris Masimu describes the company’s areas of focus as “the four C’s”; customer-based, competition focused, capital management, and community support. Being customer-based for Divine Freight means understanding the centrality of the client to the company’s business. The only way to grow is to attract new customers while retaining existing ones, this means that, not only will clients be satisfied with the service, but they should be so thrilled with it that they share, through-word-of-mouth, their experiences with fellow business and organizational leaders.

Being “competition-focused,” according to Dr. Masimu, means that the company can not merely match competing firms’ capabilities, but outperform them in every area. “Capital management” refers to the company’s focus on efficiency, an important measure of quality, and “community support” speaks to Divine Freight’s involvement in its community, including hiring and developing local talent, helping to support local charitable causes, and being a central player in the development of the national economy.


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