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Dubai Parks and Resorts PJSC

Rising from the desert, the world's premiere family and adult amusement destination promises to deliver big experiences

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Dubai, the most populous and famous of the United Arab Emirates, has emerged as perhaps the most global, vibrant, and dynamic city in the world. This quickly changing part of the world has been responsible for driving economic growth all across the region, drawing investment and interest from around the world. Dubai has become a major center of finance, commerce, and aviation in the MENA region. Its incredible growth and development is thanks to its ambitious and smart leadership, whose vision of a futuristic, luxurious city has largely been realized. Billions of dollars have been invested into ensuring Dubai’s continued centrality in the global marketplace, with or without a profitable petrochemical industry to back it.

So far, the investments seem to be paying off. Though Dubai’s economy was initially built on revenues from oil, right now oil and gas account for less than 20% of the gross domestic product. In 2015, 14.2 million tourists came to Dubai, an increase of 7.6% over 2014. The Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest man-made structure, a readymade symbol of Dubai, continues to attract people from all over the world, and millions of passengers are funneled through Dubai International Airport thanks to the success of Dubai-based Emirates Airlines. Dubai’s incredible luxury shopping facilities, its beautiful beach resorts, its wonderful restaurants, and its many high-tech diversions provide a seemingly endless array of things for the traveling family to enjoy. And that list of family-friendly attractions is about to expand in a major, major way.

Set to open in October 2016, Dubai Parks and Resorts is a massive, $3 billion development currently under construction that will create one of the largest amusement park and resort areas in the world. Located southeast of central dubai, near the massive Palm Jebel Ali manmade peninsula, Dubai Parks and Resorts will be home to multiple park areas, roller coasters, extravagant productions, and immersive recreations from movies, different cultures, and more. The developers of Dubai Parks and Resorts are sparing no expense in creating a one-of-a-kind place that can only exist in Dubai.

The ambitious project will, once completed, feature six distinct areas that all will be within walking distance of each other, including several theme parks, resorts, and entertainment areas. This means that visitors who choose to stay at one of the on-site resorts or hotels will have their pick of amazing experiences each and every day of their stay. By partnering with many of the most prominent entertainment brands in the world, such as Sony Pictures, Lego, and Dreamworks, Dubai Parks and Resorts will deliver engaging opportunities for visitors to experience their favorite films, characters, and franchises with unrivaled access, immersion, and scale.

© 2016 Javier Z. / Ramen

The Six Dubai Parks and Resort areas that will be opening in October are Motiongate DUBAI, Legoland DUBAI, Legoland Water Park, Lapita DUBAI, Riverland DUBAI, and Bollywood Parks DUBAI. Each will be accessible using the same annual pass, though individual tickets will be available for tourists who wish to visit one or two of the parks during their stay.

Motiongate DUBAI is a movie-themed park, which will feature themed areas divided into properties of Lionsgate, Sony Pictures, Dreamworks, and Smurf’s Village. Film franchises such as Ghostbusters, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and Kung Fu Panda are all getting the theme park treatment, with high-tech rides being constructed that will be sure to delight movie fans of all ages.

Legoland DUBAI will be the first Legoland in the Middle East, and will also feature its own Water Park, perfect for the summer heat. Classic Legoland attractions such as Lego City, where kids can drive and pilot boats through canals all by themselves, and Lego Factory, where Lego fans can discover how the iconic, colorful brick are made, will be available, along with unique experiences that will only be found in the Dubai park.

Bollywood Parks DUBAI is the first ever Bollywood-themed amusement park in the world. India’s film industry and culture supplies the inspiration for this one-of-a-kind concept, in which visitors will be able to partake in experiences based on legendary films such as Lagaan, Don, and Krrish. Another attraction will be the Bollywood Film Studios, which will allow users to partake in a highly authentic filmmaking experience, inserting themselves into scenes from Bollywood blockbusters.

Riverland will be the central shopping and dining district, organized around a picturesque canal that winds through the area, with boardwalks, bars, and a large outdoor venue for concerts and events at the guest’s disposal. Lapita Autograph Collection Hotels is building a massive resort on site, built in a Polynesian theme, called Lapita DUBAI.

For its incredible and ambitious vision, the quality of its planning, and its establishment of partnerships with entertainment brands from around the Globe, Dubai Parks and Resorts has been selected to receive the BID International Quality Award, one of the world’s most prestigious recognitions of organizational innovation and excellence.


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