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Experts Consult Limited

Accra financial services company fills new niche in a rapidly evolving market

Accra is Ghana's coastal capital, and one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

Accra, the largest city and capital of Ghana, is an emerging economic hub on the west coast of Africa. A city teeming with a young population, Accra is growing at a rate of 3.8% annually, and it now is home to about 4 million people. Like many of the other most populous African countries, Ghana’s people are becoming increasingly urbanized. With this centralization comes rapid changes in the way that people live their lives.

Accra’s rapid growth has lead to many opportunities and challenges for organizations, both private and public. University of Ghana and IBM are a couple of institutions that are working to overcome many of the challenges associated with rapid urbanization, including overwhelming vehicular traffic and the lack of a consistent system of tax and revenue collection for a government that is suddenly finding itself serving many more people than before.

Once reserved for the rich and the elite, financial services such as banking and the use of credit are becoming increasingly common among an emerging middle class in Accra. Many companies have sprouted up around this nascent financial sector, including Experts Consult Limited, a company that specializes in debt recovery.

Experts Consult Limited was founded in 2007 by legal experts who wanted to provide a service that seemed to be missing in the new financial sector. Much like the wild west, many of the new transactions being made were frontier activities for borrowers and lenders alike, and there was little recourse for those who took out a loan but for one reason or another found themselves unwilling or unable to pay it back.

Experts Consult Limited works with law firms from it’s main corporate office in Accra, and in its satellite offices in Kumasi, Tema and Takoradi to provide a professional, effective, and ethical solution to the problem of lost money. It, acting on behalf of its clients, works to maximize debt recovery from borrowers who are in default. Experts Consult Limited works on a “no recovery, no fee” basis, meaning that only successfully resolved cases will cost the client money. It also provides monthly progress reports to its customers so that they may be fully informed of their cases in action.

This is accomplished with a state of the art online account system that grants clients and defaulters access to the progress of their accounts from anywhere in the world. This system gives transparency and a sense of fairness to an important process, one that requires quick access to information in order for the correct decisions to be made in a timely manner. These quality management techniques help to provide great customer service and satisfaction.

The solution to the problem of defaulting loans goes beyond merely setting up collection services, and as a company that takes a holistic approach to the issue, it offers other services as well. Experts Consult Limited works to rectify the problem at its source by providing risk assessment, credit management, and other consulting services that can prevent bad loans from being made in the first place. The best case scenario for all parties in the case of a loan is, of course, full repayment with no penalties paid. Proper preparation can solve problems before they even arise.

Another, more established company that is working to build a more efficient Accra is IBM, the American information services behemoth headquartered in Armonk, NY. IBM’s smarter cities teams have been working with the Government of Accra to modernize its systems and prepare for further growth. IBM’s expertise and quality will help Accra to meet the demands of rising population pressure head on, and provide adequate social services for the young, dynamic people of Ghana’s largest city.


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