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Formula 1, Tbilisi’s Top Guesthouse

Centrally located inn earns universal acclaim for its incredible quality and value

© 2016 J. Zam / David Veg

Tbilisi, Georgia’s beautiful and ancient capital, is known for its charming architecture, its incredible views of the surrounding foothills, and the friendliness of its people. The name of the city comes from the Georgian word warm, tbili, equally describing the welcome that guests receive and the warmth of the sunshine. Tbilisi’s official tourist slogan is “The City That Loves You,” an apt description for a place named for its sunny disposition.

Tbilisi’s mix of architecture, ranging from medieval, classical, and 20th century Soviet examples is a reflection of the city’s long and varied history. Founded in the 5th century by the Georgian King of Iberia, Tbilisi’s position on the edge of Europe made it a major stop along important East-West trade routes for hundreds of years. It became a coveted area by feuding Kings and Empires due to its strategic and favorable location, and thus became the center of countless conflicts. In more recent centuries, things have settled down, and what once was the object of desire for kings and tyrants is now a peaceful city with a prosperous economy.

The people of Tbilisi are known for their enterprising spirit and, of course, their friendliness. Some say that Tbilisi is the safest city on earth, a claim that is difficult to dispute. Here many religions and ethnic groups live in harmony, side by side, and generosity of character reigns supreme.

One of the businesses that most embodies this warm spirit, this famous “Georgian Hospitality,” is Formula 1, a guesthouse located in the historic center of Tbilisi. Formula 1 is a small facility—accommodating a maximum of 12 to 14 guests at a time. But what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in quality. Formula-1 has become the number one rated small place to stay in Tbilisi on and, earning acclaim from guests through user reviews. This is proof that success does not rely on the size of an operation or its capital investment: quality can, alone, prove to be excellent marketing.

© 2016 J. Zam / David Veg

What makes Formula-1 such a slam with customers? It all comes down to that Georgian spirit of hospitality, taken to the utmost through detail-oriented quality policies. The ownership specifies that it strives to make sure each and every night spent in the hotel is in a clean and quiet environment, with comfortable beds and furniture ensuring a good night’s sleep. Then, guests are treated to a delicious breakfast in the morning, and the staff, with that classic Tbilisi warmth, couldn’t be happier to help. The building is a charming, modern facility built in the classic style, combining modern amenities such as free, fast Wi-Fi internet and air conditioning with the stylings of rustic antiquity.

One of the areas where Formula-1 earns the most acclaim is the quality of its value proposition; guests simply cannot believe how much they get for their money at the guesthouse. Tours, individual attention, free food, free internet, comfort in any weather: it doesn’t get much better. But instead of paying mega-chain prices at a sanitized corporate hotel, guests are able to experience the true wealth of Georgia at an authentic guesthouse. All of this, if it could get any better, is right in the center of town, the perfect starting point for tourists to begin their explorations of the Tbilisi. Just steps from the historic Rustaveli Avenue, the city’s main thoroughfare, Formula-1 is in an unbelievable location for the price.


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