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How great websites drive sales and growth

A team of Incredible Web at their workplace.

You want to eat dinner at this new restaurant you heard about from your friend, so you pull up your phone and search for it. Oops, got the spelling wrong, but it’s OK, Google found it anyway. You’re directed to the restaurant’s website, where you find its hours of operations, its menu (looks good!), location, and contact information. You briefly consider calling to check for availability when you notice an online reservation tool. Upon entering the date, the time you want to arrive, and the size of your party, the site quickly churns your request and immediately spits out the results: there are no tables for exactly when you want, but 15 minutes later there is availability, and they would be happy to accommodate you.

Behind the scenes, the restaurant receives notification of your request and seamlessly integrates your party into the night’s incoming reservations. A table is turned over and prepared for your party’s arrival. When you and your friends get to the restaurant, instead of waiting around for a table, you are seated immediately. Thanks to the menu on the website, you have a good idea of what you would like to order, and your party is enjoying its drinks and ordering food within 10 minutes of sitting down.

The above situation, in which a potential customer was able to find the business they were looking for, load it up on a mobile device, and make a commitment to patronize the business is the result of excellent web design. Through optimization, customization, localization, and the integration of a reservation system, everybody’s night was made better. The careful observer notes that this process not only helped the customers, but also served to help the business. A host didn’t have to spend precious time on the phone taking the reservation and explaining availability, and, thanks to the information on the site, the customers spent less time thinking about their orders, resulting in more turnover and more sales for the restaurant over the course of an evening.

The web design industry is a continuously growing economic force, one that is indispensable in every market, city, and country on earth. As websites become more and more important to business and organizational success, the days of merely putting up a couple of informational pages on the web and calling it a day are long past. The modern web requires a more elegant, expert touch. In Malta, the foremost experts in developing and designing websites that integrate enhanced functionality with beautiful aesthetics is Incredible Web, based in Buġibba.

Shaun Grech (left) and Kevin Farrugia (right), Co-Founders of Incredible Web.

Malta is a small island nation centrally located in the Mediterranean sea. Incredibly popular with international travelers, the population of the island often triples during peak tourist season. Its beautiful beaches, breezy climate, and incredible cultural heritage attracts over 1.6 million international visitors per year. It has also, since the opening of the Suez canal, found itself in the epicenter of one of the most important international trade routes. Having a web presence is immensely important to businesses and organizations of all types, and Incredible Web has worked with clients of almost every type imaginable, making their lives easier through truly excellent web pages that integrate with and improve their day-to-day operations.

Incredible Web credits its success to a few key factors. First, it is composed of self-confessed “geeks”; knowledge and expertise about the latest technologies and “all things web” help drive a higher level of design and development. Second, its people are “nice guys”; sincerity, transparency, fairness, and understanding help Incredible Web provide exactly what its clients are looking for with friendliness and warmth.

Incredible Web also makes sure to utilize the best and latest web development tools and technologies in creating its clients websites. As the number of devices that access the web multiplies, that flexibility of websites to be optimally viewed on tablets, smartphones, computers, and more requires that the technology be up to snuff. Older standards simply will not function in today’s quickly evolving digital world. Incredible Web takes a proactive approach towards adopting and learning the latest standards in order to create future-proof designs.

For its immense quality in customer service, design, and technological adaptation, Incredible Web has been singled out on the international stage. As it transforms from a Maltese stalwart into an international provider of web design services, Incredible Web must prepare itself for growth. What “developments” does Incredible Web have in its future? Only time will tell.


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