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IntellSphere Group; Protecting Clients’ Intellectual Property

Uzbekistani firm is a market leader thanks to quality and expertise

Eugeniy Mazo, Founder of IntellSphere Group

Uzbekistan, a CIS country located in Central Asia, has a quickly developing economy, with the bulk of growth coming from a vibrant industrial and manufacturing sector. With a productive population of 31.5 million, and a vibrant and diverse set of cultures, Uzbekistan is a nation on the rise. With annual GDP growth rates consistently hitting over 8% for the past two decades, business has been good in Uzbekistan.

Much of this economic success story is thanks to what’s happening in Uzbekistan’s capital and largest city, Tashkent. With tree-lined avenues, abundant fountains, plentiful parks, and ever-expanding opportunities for entertainment and dining, Tashkent can truly be a wonderful place to live for its population of around 2.5 million. But as the engine that drives the national economy, Tashkent is a busy place.

With a traditional emphasis on commodity production, including globally in-demand resources like cotton, gold, uranium, and natural gas, Uzbekistan has been nevertheless transitioning to a manufacturing, industrial, and commercialism-based industry. Due to the state’s emphasis on an import-substitution directed economic policy, new innovations, processes, and designs are being introduced in Uzbekistan on a regular basis.

With all of this creative work being done in multiple industries around the country, the importance of protecting intellectual property (commonly known as IP) has been increasing greatly over recent years. Each and every invention, innovation, process improvement, and new product requires some form of intellectual property protection to keep companies’ investments safe and productive in the future. The problem is that the legal matters that surround IP, trademarking, copyright, and other related issues are complicated, and require expert counsel. In Uzbekistan, the leading firm providing consulting and legal services in the sensitive world of IP is Intellsphere Group, based in Tashkent.

Alena Menyailova, Co-Founder of IntellSphere Group

Intellsphere Group is the leading intellectual property legal consulting firm in Uzbekistan. It is comprised of a team of experienced experts who came together to provide this specialized and increasingly in-demand service. Intellsphere provides services in the areas of patent law, copyright, neighbouring rights, litigations, technology transfer and licensing, and anti-counterfeit action. The patent attorneys and IP experts of Intellsphere assist companies from Uzbekistan and companies from abroad doing business in the country with establishing rights and maintaining control of patents and utility models, protecting industrial designs, trademarks, service marks, gaining appellations of origin, establishing biomedical patents on new plant and animal breeds, and much more.

Intellsphere’s Quality means that it is always growing, always on top of the latest trends in IP protection, and always improving. It has recently begun working on a project in which it is


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