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Maison BH in Angola Offers a Complete Array of Services to Clients who Seek to be Pampered and Reinvigorated

People have been enjoying spas for thousands of years.

Eliane Hansen, CEO of Maison BH at the IQC Convention 2015.
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People have been enjoying spas for a long, long time. The Greek baths of San Calogero on the Island of Lipari are 3,000 years old and still in use today. The oldest continuously operating business in the world, in fact, is a hotel and spa in Japan, the Hoshi Hotel, that has been owned and operated by the same family for 46 generations so far, and will be celebrating its 1300th anniversary in 2018. Yes, the hotel opened in 718 A.D.

The Maison BH Spa in Luanda, Angola is a full service spa which provides the widest range of amenities to its clients and which has embraced the concept of Total Quality Management as a tool for delivering service and customer satisfaction. Employees are trained in customer focused techniques as well as teamwork. Maison BH Spa has been selected to receive the BID Quality Crown Award for 2015.

Oases of Peace and Tranquility

People come to spas for a variety of reasons, all of them centered around feeling better. Spas are places where guests can be pampered and their spirits nurtured in calm and serene surroundings. Whether the visit lasts 30 minutes or 30 days, the goal is to leave the spa experience feeling cleansed and healed.

Naturally, a spa depends upon its facilities and surroundings, and many people go for an opportunity to commune with nature, engage in reflection and introspection, or to luxuriate in warm baths. But the human element is at least as important. A good spa will include experts who can help visitors with nutrition, fitness, weight loss, skin care, stress management and other aspects of well being. Guests also can interect with other guests who have similar interests. In short, spas serve a variety of wellness goals.

The benefits of going to a spa have been well documented. Especially when the visit includes a massage, studies show that visitors experience a reduction in stress hormone levels, their immune systems are fortified, they feel relief from aches and pains, and have a boost in their mood. In fact, one study showed that a spa visit combined with a massage was effective in reducing many of the symptoms of PMS while increasing blood levels of dopamine and seratonin. Secondary effects of stress reduction prompted by a visit to the spa include reduction in high blood pressure and other cardiovascular disorders, weight loss and alleviation of the symptoms of chronic disease.

Mind and body are connected; the physical and mental benefits of a relaxing time spent at the spa reinforce each other. People who have spent time at a spa report that they feel better not only because of the physical environment, but also because they have an increased sense of worth. Guests are treated to a level of luxury and pampering they do not receive in their daily lives, such as manicures, pedicures, facials, body scrubs, body masks, massages, and body wraps. Beauty treatments at spas make clients feel better and can increase self-esteem, raise confidence, boost clear thinking and elevate mood. Guests leave feeling rejuvenated.

Modern Management Techniques lead to Customer Satisfaction

Management at Maison BH Spa uses written performance goals and customer satisfaction surveys to constantly monitor progress and maintain standards. According to Eliane Hansen, CEO of Maison BH Spa, “Our company has a written strategic plan which integrates quality as a core component, and which is communicated to all team members so that they understand the values embraced by the organization. This is reflected in day to day operations, where it plays a key role in maintaining morale and in motivating employees at all levels.” The company also has earned prestigious PME and ISO certification, of which they are justifiably proud.

The attention to detail and the results of quality management are evident at the facilities, where Maison BH has created a haven dedicated to well being and beauty, away from the hectic pace of ife and everyday stress. The spa was created in order to provide a unique environment of comfort, peace and tranquility, where clients can recuperate serenity and engergy. The staff has available modern and innovative techniques as well as cutting edge equipment to help customers feel harmony and balance in an environment of comfort, sophistication, and quality.

Services at the Maison BH are designed to fight stress, harmonize the body and mind, stimulate the senses, treat pain, eliminate cellulite, beautify the skin, face and hair, and reinvigorate the body through exercise. Specifically, clients can take advantage of experts on staff who are trained to fight stress with acupuncture, a proven remedy which has been practiced for 4800 years, and is appropriate for many of the ailments of modern life such as depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, addictions, phobias and mood swings.

Eliane Hansen, CEO of Maison BH receive the IQC Award 2015 from Jose E. Prieto (center), President & CEO of BID, Norman Ingle (right), President of the Quality Mix and Dr. Alfonso C. Casal (left), Science Director of BID Group One.
© 2015 Dav Idve / J. Zamor

Shiatsu and tuina therapies are also available. These oriental massage techniques are designed to balance, harmonize, and relax. They are very effective in pain relief in general and in particular for muscular pain of the back. Other innovative therapies designed to restore energy flow and prevent disease include Chromotherapy in a heated water bed using colors and natural water massage; Geothermal massage therapy with hot and cold stones and aromatic oils; and hot towels or hot candle therapy. All of these modalities benefit the body and the mind. In the words of one staff member, “We remove tension from head to toe. Our main objective is to provide the best of relaxation and put a smile on your soul.”

For clients who are suffering from pain in the legs, general edema, or varicose veins, they may take advantage of a lymphatic drainage treatment which will relieve discomfort, or they may have a reflexology massage which will stimulate reflex points on the soles of the feet, providing an intensive overall feeling of wellness.

Many consider relaxation to be merely controlled energy, and so members of the staff are well trained and adept at ancient techniques for equalizing and calming energy in the body. Visitors to Maison BH Spa can take advantage of a session of Reiki, a powerful natural healing system where the laying on of hands promotes balance, harmony and healing. The Vichy shower is a unique experience where the comfort of water jets and chromotherapy are mixed to provide a unique sense of pleasure, producing a sedative effect. The energy of moving water is communicated throughout the body, exerting a deeper focus of action, activating blood circulation, and stimulating the senses. Afterwards, one may retire to the Zen Room for meditation, furthering the sensation of tranquility, balance and peace.

No spa treatment would be complete without procedures designed to enhance outer beauty as well. At Maison BH Spa, nutritionists and weight loss specialists treat cellulite, weight gain and body shape issues. Professional stylists work on clients’ hair, and manicure and pedicure services complete the effect of making everyone look as beautiful on the outside as they feel on the inside.

The BID Committee was particularly impressed not only with the company’s philosophy of using Total Quality Management in running the business, but also in the degree of thought and planning which has gone into its offering of such a vast range of services. Because of its commitment to continuous quality improvement and customer service, Maison BH Spa has been selected to receive the BID Quality Crown Award for 2015 at the convention in London.


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