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NewPlast in Yerevan uses cutting edge technology to design, manufacture and install metal and polymer piping in Armenia and beyond

Yerevan: Nearly 3,000 Years of History Waiting to be Discovered in the Armenian Capital.

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NewPlast in Yerevan designs and installs metal and plastic pipe systems for delivering liquids and gases using cutting edge technology. It was the first company in Transcaucasia to offer such products in 2007. As such it has been a trendsetter in Armenia and beyond. NewPlast has been selected to receive the BID Quality Crown Award for 2015.

Yerevan, the Venerable Jewel of the Caucasus

Yerevan, Armenia has roots which go back further than almost any city in the world. The area has been continuously occupied since the 8th century BC and is steeped in the history and culture of the Armenian people. It all began when the fortress of Erubuni was built on a 65 meter hill overlooking the Ararat plain. The fortress was used for centuries, and the town, whose name is derived from “Erubani,” was built around it. Since gaining independence from the Soviet Union, the Armenian government has invested a lot of resources in modernizing its capital, but not at the expense of preserving the wonders of its most distant past. Any trip to Yerevan should include a visit to the ancient fortress where it all began.

Erebuni is surrounded by a wall 10-12 meters high with towers, and contained numerous buildings, and was used as a palace as well as a military installation.  A Temple to the god Khaldi was built, and there were modest accommodations and a commercial district.  Frescoes can still be found on the temple walls, and inscriptions nearly 3,000 years old describe ancient kings and their deeds.  One reads “By the greatness of the God Khaldi, Argishti, son of Menua, built this mighty stronghold and proclaimed it Erebuni for the glory of Biainili (Urartu) and to instill fear among the king's enemies.”

The oldest surviving church in Yerevan was discovered practically by accident. It was 1936, and the Soviets had decided to take down an old cathedral which had been built in 1693; it was in such bad shape the decision was made not to restore it. Archaeologists working to record inscriptions uncovered during the dismantling of the building came to realize that the cathedral had in fact been built on top of an older church, which was practically intact and worth saving. Inscriptions found inside were from the 13th century, and today the church is used quite frequently.

Armenia is now a Christian country, but it was ruled by Persians for centuries, and a mosque built in the 18th century still survives, the Blue Mosque. It was the largest of eight mosques in the city, and the last one remaining today. The building is surrounded by trees and modern buildings to such an extent that it can be hard to find. During the Soviet era it was a museum, but now it is the only functioning mosque in the city. It is located on Mashtots Avenue in front of the indoor market, and is one of the more unique sights to be seen in Yerevan. The dignified, understated style of the Blue Mosque of Yerevan reminds visitors of the time of Persian rule of the city.

Versatility and Quality

© 2015 JZam / David Veg
Advancements in polymer technology mean that the systems designed and manufactured by NewPlast are more versatile than ever. Because these systems do not corrode, do not change the taste or the chemical properties of the liquids that they carry, and because they do not contain harmful chemical substances, these pipes are suitable for a wide range of applications, including potable water. It is the goal of NewPlast to promote high-quality, cutting edge polymer products for pipeline installation to markets in the Caucasus and Russia.

NewPlast manufactures its own products from high quality raw materials imported directly from the manufacturer. In order to maintain the highest levels of quality control, NewPlast insists that its raw material suppliers be among the world's leading manufacturers, and that they specialize in the production of only one type of raw material production, ensuring that they are specialists and focused on the specific material needed. Upon arrival at the manufacturing facility, materials are further tested and controlled at a modern laboratory.

Working in both metal and plastic allows NewPlast to provide flexible solutions to their clients’ needs. Fittings, valves, connecting elements and other accessories made of polymers, brass alloys, and galvanized steel mean that NewPlast products and designs can be used for cold and hot water supply, heating, gas, air conditioning, compressed air, salt water, ingestible and industrial liquids, combustible liquids, and lubricants.

In addition to quality materials, manufacturing and testing, NewPlast employs strict guidelines on design and installation. The result has been world class reliability, durability and performance with NewPlast installations. For instance, NewPlast polymers pipes are designed to have a 50 year service life, 100% protection against penetration of oxygen, the lowest coefficient of linear expansion and the highest durability against temperature and pressure among all polymer pipes, free flexibility without heat or special tools, and compatibility with any type of system.

Space age Manufacturing Techniques Earn Third Party Certification

Another area where NewPlast is a leader is in Multi-layer or composite pipe consisting of an aluminium strap made by uninterrupted ultrasonic bonding, simultaneously covering it from inside and outside with layers of glue and polyethylene for cold and hot water, as well as for gas.

NewPlast has also submitted its products to outside evaluation, and NewPlast pipes are produced consistent with ASTM 1281-2000 and ASTM 1282-2003, ASTM F 891, ASTM D 2729, ISO 3633-2002, ISO R 51613-2000 and ISO R 52134-2003. NewPlast has received ISO 9001 certification, and is committed to creating and maintaining a company which lives up to internationals standards.

NewPlast also has great plans for the future. Because of the versatility of its design and products, NewPlast is poised to contribute to the stable development of agricultural irrigation and to help Armenia import energy resources. The Company also has taken upon itself to introduce economical, totally new heating systems for living and industrial spaces, based on the experience of Northern Europe. Additionally, the company has plans to expand from its current 7 manufacturing facilities and add 4 more.

Because of its commitment to continuous quality improvement, NewPlast has been selected to receive the BID Quality Crown Award for 2015 at the convention in London.


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