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Quiet Haven Hotel; Rwanda’s Best New Quality Lodgings

Beautiful outdoor spaces merge with luxurious accommodations in up-and-coming Kigali

© 2016 Dave V / RaMen

Rwanda has been one of the fastest developing countries in the world over the last 15 or so years, thanks largely to large-scale infrastructure projects that have added high quality roads, water facilities, and electrical systems across the country. Improved access to schools, healthcare, and multipurpose municipal facilities have also proven to be a boon to economic development in the nation, and now activity is picking up across all sectors. Now that access to basic services has penetrated the large majority of Rwanda’s population, focus can be squarely put on building the country’s economic future.

Kigali, Rwanda’s capital and largest city, is playing an integral role in building this future. This city, once a small town, tripled in population between 1994 and 2002. Now, Kigali is a bustling city of over 1.2 million people—a mark that is expected to triple again by 2040. Geographically located at the center of Rwanda, the city is the backbone of the country’s cultural, economic, governmental, and transportation future. It is home to Rwanda’s international airport, its main public transport hub, and the nervecenter of the national road system. The University of Rwanda’s administrative head office is in Kigali, along with its College of Science and Technology and Carnegie-Mellon University’s Engineering School has a campus there as well.

For these reasons, Kigali has been growing year over year as a host of international travelers. Like many other of the growing African cities, foreign workers and businesspeople have more and more reasons to visit, along with an uptick in tourism, increasing the need for a high quality hospitality industry. The Kigali Convention Centre, a 30,000+ square meter facility is nearing completion, which will draw trade shows, conferences, conventions, and thousands of visitors to the Rwandan capital.

With the influx of travelers, Kigali’s need for world-class accommodations is apparent. One of the best hotels addressing this need—with flair and quality—is the newly opened ​Quiet Haven Hotel. In operation for just over a year now, Quiet Haven is located in the hilly and beautiful Nyarutarama area, conveniently situated less than 10 minutes from Kigali International Airport and a stone’s throw from downtown. Its rooms, which come in singles, doubles, twins, and executive suites varieties, feature amazing balcony views of the rolling ridges surrounding the hotel.

© 2016 Dave V / RaMen

The atmosphere of Quiet Haven, as its name suggests, is relaxed yet luxurious. The hotel’s innovative multiple-building design grants each guest room direct access to the hotel’s abundant and lush grounds. Here, busy businesspeople can unwind, while curious travelers can use Quiet Haven as a jumping-off point to explore the city and the country. Quiet Haven offers shuttle service to and from the airport, eliminating the need to hail a taxi or deal with public transportation after a long flight.

Quiet Haven Hotel also makes for an ideal place to plan an event or a business meeting, as there is a meeting room on the premises that can accommodate up to 30 people. Even larger gatherings can be arranged outdoors, with capacity for up 100 people in the gardens.

For those with an appetite or a taste for a cold beer, a glass of champagne, or a fun cocktail, Quiet Haven’s restaurant is a great option. With ample indoor and outdoor space, it makes for the perfect place to unwind after a long day. The restaurant has proven popular with locals as well. Quiet Haven Hotel periodically hosts fun events such as its popular “board games meet-ups,” offering Kigalians and guests alike the chance to indulge in some childhood favorites while enjoying some decidedly adult beverages.

For its stylish design, its strong first year, and its dedication to innovation and continuous improvement, Quiet Haven Hotel in Kigali has been singled out by Business Initiative Directions for its 2016 International Quality Award. This is an auspicious start for a hotel that only will continue to grow and draw attention to itself as word of its quality spreads. As Kigali grows as a destination for international travelers, growth and expansion will certainly be options for a high quality operation such as Quiet Haven Hotel.


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