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Diversified IT experts from Mozambique help build nation's economy

© 2015 David Veg / Raul Men
Following its gaining of independence from Portugal in 1975, Mozambique suffered a fifteen year Civil War from 1977-1972. This political instability ravaged the country’s economy, leaving Mozambique as one of the poorest and most underdeveloped economies in the world. Mozambique’s economy has been buoyed, however, by the nation’s vast natural resources. While the country’s economy has largely been based on its favorable agricultural conditions, industry—mainly in the form of food and beverages, chemical manufacturing, aluminium and petroleum production as well as a tourism sector—has been growing. This growth in industry combined with the government’s work on fiscal reform, aided by the IMF, has resulted in inflation dropping back down to single digits from its rate of 70% in 1994 and Mozambique’s once-substantial foreign debt being greatly decreased to manageable levels. While the country still ranks among the lowest in GDP per capita, measures of inequality, and average life expectancy, Mozambique’s average GDP growth has ranked among the world’s highest since 2001.

In the current era of omnipresent internet and ubiquitous connectivity, the technology sector plays a role in every part of the economy. Mozambique’s economic growth, industrialization, and development creates room for businesses to provide IT services that will be essential to adapt to the speed of the modern business world. RIBEL SOLUÇÕES LDA focused on the service, delivery, sale and supply of IT equipment and office supplies; graphic and web page design; and digital software development. RIBEL has assembled a team of skilled professionals and expert consultants that can provide expertise and full attention in providing IT solutions to their customers.

© 2015 David Veg / Raul Men
RIBEL is headquartered in Mozambique’s second largest city, Beira. This city is incredibly important to the nation’s economy as Beira is the location of one of Mozambique’s most significant ports. The Port of Beira is the gateway the interior portion of Mozambique, as well as the landlocked nations of Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. This means that as Mozambique’s economy continues to develop, RIBEL will be located in an area that will likely benefit from its contribution to the nation’s primary strength: the exporting of natural resources.

As computers and the internet play a constantly growing role in the operation of any business, so does the need to be able to offer a wide range of expertise as the extinction of specialization takes place. Whether it is in the form of consulting, technical assistance, repair, or programming, RIBEL is well-equipped in this sense, as the company has the flexibility and skill to meet any need that Mozambique’s growing industries are sure to require. RIBEL can provide all IT services and equipment another business needs all in one place. While the company provides what seems an endless array of products and services, RIBEL considers their commitment to hard work, quality and customer service to be their true primary product.

Due to RIBEL SOLUÇÕES LDA’s convenient geographical location, wide range of offerings, and belief in quality, the company is able to successfully supply service in an area that will be in high demand as Mozambique’s economy continues to expand.


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