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SARAY BİSKÜVİ VE GIDA SANAYİ, excellence in manufacturing

Saray Holding A.Ş. is one of the foremost examples of a company taking the quality raw ingredients of Turkey and exporting them the world over as value-added products

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Istanbul is the largest city and the commercial capital of Turkey, the 18th largest economy in the world. Istanbul, once known by the names Byzantium and Constantinople during different times in history, has always been known as the point where east meets west. The Bosphorus strait, the dividing line between Europe and Asia, runs directly through the center of the city. That means Istanbul, one of the great cities of the earth, is literally of both east and west.

Istanbul, large and complex as it is, is home to classical architectural wonders such as Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, and Topkapı Palace. Its old city, where most of these architectural wonders are found, attracts millions of visitors per year. But Istanbul is more than just a relic of a tumultuous and ancient past. Istanbul’s Levent business district, located on the European side, features many new skyscrapers that are continually being added to the area’s distinctly modern skyline.

Turkey, though already one of the world’s largest economies, and a developed country, is considered an emerging market by the International Monetary Fund. As a newly industrialized nation, the country has become an important manufacturing center for both Europe and the Middle East, with large participation in the production of agricultural chemicals, automobiles, electronics components, and many others.

Turkey is also one of the leading agricultural producers in the world. Many of the most important agricultural products in the world are grown in Turkey, and it is a leader in the production of watermelons, cucumbers, hazelnuts, cherries, figs, apricots, and many other fruits and vegetables. The quality and reliability of these products make Turkey an ideal place to base a global food product business, and SARAY BİSKÜVİ VE GIDA SANAYİ is one of the foremost examples of a company taking the quality raw ingredients of Turkey and exporting them the world over as value-added products.

Saray Holding A.Ş., whose corporate beginnings can be traced to 1961, had its modern foundations laid in 1996 to better manage a quickly expanding group of companies. Today, it is a successful, diverse, and international holding company based in Istanbul that makes over 400 distinct products that are exported to over 90 countries around the world.

© 2015 D. Vega / JavZ
Among Saray Holding’s most well-known brands are their forays into food consumer products, especially in biscuits and confectionaries. Among the brands that make Saray a household name are Çikilop, Choco lips, Çikonella, Milkman, Pastella, and many more, all sporting the Saray logo.

The brand’s incredibly diverse portfolio of products is the result of an innovative and talented R&D team that comes up sometimes as many as 40 new products each year. This constant innovation is an important part of Saray’s quality mix, but it also focuses on making a positive impact on the environment by planting trees and constantly refining manufacturing processes to make them more efficient and environmentally friendly.

For the immense quality of its products, its innovation, and its comprehensive quality programs, SARAY BİSKÜVİ VE GIDA SANAYİ A.Ş. was among the select global organizations to be awarded the International Star Award for Quality (ISAQ) in September 2015, in Geneva, Switzerland. The award was presented as part of the 2015 BID ISAQ convention, which brings together business and NGO leaders in the capital of international relations, Geneva, to promote quality and quality technology.


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