'Degenerate and Murderous': California Campus Republicans' Platform Attacks College Culture

'Degenerate and Murderous': California Campus Republicans' Platform Attacks College Culture. By Chris Quintana October 21, 2018. Hector Amezcua, AP Images. A march featuring the right-wing speaker Milo Yiannopoulos drew a crowd last year at the ...

The Chronicle of Higher Education

2018-10-21 19:06:45

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Notable & Quotable: PC Culture's Revenge

From “The Right Finds the Perfect Weapon Against the Left” by Tyler Cowen, Bloomberg Opinion, Oct. 18: The biggest day-to-day losers from the political correctness movement are other left-of-center people, most of all white moderate Democrats ...

Wall Street Journal

2018-10-21 18:57:00

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Busines Initiative Directions Award

Quiet Haven Hotel; Rwanda’s Best New Quality Lodgings

Beautiful outdoor spaces merge with luxurious accommodations in up-and-coming Kigali

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Iceland Travel Assistance

With a buzzing culture & arts scene coupled with rustic and wild beauty, Iceland draws over one million visitors every year

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Committee Approves Law Allowing Culture Minister to Cut Funding From Institutions

The ministerial committee endorsed an amendment to the culture and art law that has become known as the “loyalty-in-culture bill.” It allowsthe Culture Ministry to reduce the budget of these institutions or cancel it entirely because of any of the ...and more »


2018-10-21 18:41:51

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I-1639: A big nudge to safety for gun culture

The measure is stirring a worthy debate about how our state can encourage a more responsible gun culture that holds careless and criminal elements more accountable. One previous voter-approved initiative required background checks for all gun ...and more »

The Olympian

2018-10-21 17:40:30

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