Why Socially Responsible Investing Skepticism Is Healthy

Recent criticisms – including in the Wall Street Journal and the National Review – center on the view that, by requiring companies to do good in the world, SRI investors will raise the cost of capital for “sinful” companies and lower their share price ...


2018-08-17 17:38:58

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Investors Query Funding Costs at a Private Tesla

Venky Ganesan, investing partner at Menlo Ventures, said in an interview that the cost of capital - the rate of return required by an investor to persuade them to make a given investment - averages 17 percent to 18 percent for private companies ...and more »

U.S. News & World Report

2018-08-17 17:19:00

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Busines Initiative Directions Award


Khrunichev winner of Arch of Europe

NASA will pay Russia a hefty 50 million USD per seat to ferry American astronauts, Khrunichev currently holds 30% of the global space launch market.

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Downer and their Zero Harm Policy: Be green and be successful

Could you be a world-leading company with huge profitability and at the same time be a beacon for sustainability and an international example of commitment towards the environment? Can you be green both in dollars and beliefs? The answer is yes.

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Smart power: Investing in youth leadership and development

Empowering and investing in tomorrow's leaders is a powerful way not only to honor the legacy of Nelson Mandela, but to work for a future that is secure and equitable. Witney Schneidman is a member of the Global Advisory Board of IREX that manages ...

Brookings Institution (blog)

2018-08-17 16:12:10

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One of the world's largest storage companies is investing into processing, here's why

Western Digital sent shockwaves around the hardware world last year when it announced support for the open-source RISC-V platform. Although still an upstart in the market, RISC-V has been quickly gaining momentum as an alternative to hardware from the ...


2018-08-17 15:38:00

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