Job Markets

The Big Mistake the Fed Is About to Make

For years, wages have failed to go up even as the unemployment rate has fallen and the labor force has tightened. Economists have explained it away as the result of a job market that is more competitive than it appears, a conclusion based on ...

Institutional Investor

2018-08-16 21:17:36

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Markets Priced For Growth Acceleration But Data Suggest Deceleration

Economic fundamentals were ignored as if they were merely background noise as markets attempted once more in early August to breach their record high levels put in late last January. ... The Household Survey (which is a telephone survey of 60,000+ ...


2018-08-16 20:10:02

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Busines Initiative Directions Award

DM9DDB: Brazil’s Leading Creative Agency

Known for work that combines technological innovation, powerful ideas, and artistic mastery, Sáu Paulo-based advertising agency handles many of the biggest clients in the country

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E-M Shala Group shpk, from Albania

Winner of the BID International Star for Leadership in Quality Award in Paris 2015

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Treasury yields tick higher after plans for China and US to renew trade talks

“He did a decent job in saying the right things, but the conflicts that everyone is concerned about remains. [News reports] picked up on no capital controls, which is what many people thought were the next steps. For the moment, it seems the market is ...


2018-08-16 16:41:05

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Walmart sees sales rise at stores and online, raises outlook

With shoppers feeling confident, the National Retail Federation trade group raised its annual sales forecast this week, citing the results of tax cuts and an improving job market. But it warned that trade wars between China and the U.S. could dampen ...and more »

Fox Business

2018-08-16 11:29:46

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