College Entrepreneurship 101: Finding Your First Investor

Some universities also have their own startup incubators and accelerators – a broader support space that provides education, mentorship, office space and capital for student entrepreneurs and their young companies. For example, Stanford's StartX ...


10 start-up pitfalls that young entrepreneurs ought to avoid

Business Daily (press release) (blog)

An ecosystem for women entrepreneurship

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One Tech Company Intends To Change How Cities Create Better Conditions For Female Entrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered why as a woman, entrepreneurial life felt easier in some places in the world over others? Often times, it comes down to how supported you feel, how much you are advocated for and how many opportunities there are for you to ...


2018-07-22 14:54:19

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UAE Entrepreneurs Cite Lack Of Adequate Banking Services As Their Top Challenge: Study

Nearly two-thirds of surveyed entrepreneurs in the U.A.E. report that a lack of adequate banking services is their biggest challenge when setting up a business, according to a new study—with many saying that opening a bank account takes at least three ...

Forbes Middle East

2018-07-22 14:42:53

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Young entrepreneurs inspired by real life issues

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them,” said Walt Disney, the pioneer of the American animation industry whose first venture was a failure. Young entrepreneurs from the city seem to have taken a cue from people like him.

Deccan Herald

2018-07-22 13:48:01

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7 Real Estate Tools Entrepreneurs Should Know About

As an entrepreneur, I'm asked more about my investments in real estate than almost any other question because other entrepreneurs love to know about areas of passive income they can look into to hedge against the entrepreneurial risks they take. Last ...


2018-07-22 11:00:09

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Bridging the gender investing gap for female entrepreneurs

“There is a lot of work on the gender pay gap which is important and we have made progress on it but no one had even really conceived of, or spent any time on something we now call the gender investing gap,” Krawcheck told the Dell Women's Entrepreneur ...

The Sydney Morning Herald

2018-07-22 09:13:00

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