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New Trump Rule Rolls Back Protections of the Affordable Care Act

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration issued a sweeping new rule on Tuesday to make it easier for small businesses to band together and set up health insurance plans that skirt many requirements of the Affordable Care Act, offering lower costs but ...

New York Times

2018-06-19 19:55:55

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Walgreens to Open Senior Care Centers With Humana

Walgreens (wba, +0.48%) will open care centers focused on senior citizens within some of its stores in partnership with health insurer Humana, (hum, -2.02%) the latest illustration of how pharmacies are trying to become health care hubs and not just ...


2018-06-19 19:53:13

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Busines Initiative Directions Award

Alma de Romero

Hotel Alma de Romero, meeting place for those who love Carranza

The Alma de Romero is a hotel that was created by two people who have given a breath of fresh air to the hotel industry in Carranza, located in the Biscay province of the Basque Country of northern Spain.

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Care by Volvo XC40 delays are a sign of things to come

Care by Volvo is an affordable and convenient subscription service. For $600 a month you get a $35,000 car but essentially only pay for gas for two years. It sounds great. It sounded so great, in fact, that at launch a lot of people signed up. Way more ...


2018-06-19 19:19:56

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Trump rolls out rule for cheaper small business health insurance. Here's what's missing

The Trump administration rolled out a rule that will allow small businesses and self-employed workers the option to buy less-expensive health insurance plans that can jettison benefits required by the Affordable Care Act. The "association health plan ...


2018-06-19 19:00:15

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