Infosys Plans Open Technology And Innovation Hub In Texas

The Texas Technology and Innovation Hub represents a key milestone in Infosys' digital transformation campaign for the Americas and builds upon its May 2017 announcement to hire 10,000 American workers by 2019. Infosys has hired over 6,200 American ...

Business Facilities Magazine

Innovation has been sacrificed in the name of profit

It is a broad subject that can be addressed in many ways and, in any case, we will not know the answer. What is certain, however, is the lack of major innovation on the market. There was a time when the goal was to surprise users with new features ...


2018-11-13 20:01:28

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Digital transformation sparks innovation in networking

Digital transformation sparks innovation in networking. The network needs to keep pace with the demands of exciting new technologies like containers and microservices, according to presenters at a recent industry event. The first step in that process ...

MIT Technology Review

2018-11-13 19:59:15

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Schneider Electric Ups Innovation Drive Via $565M Venture Capital Funding Outfit

Announcing the move at its Innovation Summit in Atlanta, U.S. on Tuesday (November 13), Schneider Electric said the dedicated VC funding unit will boost its innovation ecosystem and nurture "tomorrow's transformational and disruptive innovations.".


2018-11-13 18:19:00

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With Amazon Deal Comes New Virginia Tech Innovation Campus

The university, which is located in Blacksburg, Virginia, announced Tuesday that it will open the Virginia Tech Innovation Campus in Alexandria. The new campus will be located near Potomac Yard, roughly a mile from where Amazon's new headquarters will ...

NBC4 Washington

2018-11-13 17:48:21

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Without Radical Innovation, Air Conditioning Is Set to Make Global Warming Much Worse

In the developing world, air conditioners indicate progress. More importantly, air conditioners can offer relief to people in hot countries like India, China, and Mexico. In a warmer world plagued by climate change, having an AC may literally be the ...and more »


2018-11-13 17:34:49

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