Innovation and sustainability to ensure future of Indonesian batik

Just like Heri, Muassomah believes her approach is key to ensuring the future of her craftsmanship and, with a green approach, of the planet. “I'm 100 per cent optimistic that my initiative to use natural dye will be followed by other batik ...

Channel NewsAsia

Letter: Congestion requires innovation

I guess that logic also applies to the successful Park & Ride for Clark County commuters or the thousands of commuters on the East Coast who also must drive to a station and hop onto a train to commute into New York City, or in San Francisco on BART ...

The Columbian

2018-03-17 13:02:17

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RI Commerce Receives 16 Responses to Innovation Campus Request for Proposals

“It's exciting to see the high-quality applicant pool that this competition has attracted. Among those submitting are existing Rhode Island institutions and companies — as well as aspiring ones. And the fields they represent are varied. This is ...


2018-03-17 09:19:39

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Building an Insights and Innovation Group from Scratch

The goal of any innovation group is to move from an ad hoc approach to one that is repeatable and predictable. Although most companies start with an idea-driven approach (which is ad hoc by its very nature), I encourage something I call “Challenge ...and more »

Customer Think

2018-03-17 06:13:14

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This halibut hook is an innovation for the past, present and future

“So that part of our heritage does not die,” he said. George wishes the state legislature would address the issue and take it up with the regional fishery management council. In the meantime, he's doing his part to make sure the next generation knows ...


2018-03-17 02:34:38

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More On Education Innovation: Games, Gut Science, And Business

St. Sauveur said this sort of innovative approach helps not only his students, but his role as a health educator. He says the project spans multiple subjects and connects with the real world. “Because we're not math and literacy we don't really fit in ...

Colorado Public Radio

2018-03-16 19:45:52

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