How cancer changed this former Google exec's views on AI and medicine

The cancer also showed him, in an intensely personal way, how much AI can and will bring to health and medicine. “It is inevitable that AI will play a major role in the current trend of the personalization of medicine,” Lee said. An obsessive work ethic.


2018-10-21 18:04:27

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Iranian, Russian universities to launch project on herbal medicine

TEHRAN – Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University of Iran and Volgograd State Agricultural University of Russia will produce herbal medicine through a joint project, IRNA reported on Sunday. The Iranian university chancellor ...

Tehran Times

2018-10-21 16:36:12

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Busines Initiative Directions Award

Walmart Mexico

Walmart Central America awarded by BID

The BID Quality Award Winner Walmart of Mexico and Central America with its 2,765 stores, launches programs to educate and provide economic assistance to female entrepreneurs, improving the quality of life for millions around the world

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Cabinet Syl Consult-Togo: Togo’s Leader in the Creation of New Businesses

Whether it be developing a business strategy or training managers and leaders, Syl Consult has proven results in a growing economy

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Lupus patients benefited from bioelectronic medicine treatment

A pilot clinical trial showed that bioelectronic medicine treatment was effective in reducing fatigue and pain in lupus patients. The researchers also saw a decrease in arthritis. A pilot study is a small-scale preliminary study that examines the ...

Market Business News

2018-10-21 16:25:59

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Quad and Gregory Lunceford divorce on Married To Medicine: Everything you need to know

Married To Medicine star Quad Webb-Lunceford has filed for divorce from her husband, Gregory. When they first joined Married To Medicine, it was clear that he really wanted to start a family. Quad kept telling him that their two dogs were plenty of ...and more »

Monsters and Critics

2018-10-21 15:59:55

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