Blockchain firm takes more space in East Williamsburg

Blockchain software company Consensys has taken a new office space in East Williamsburg. The firm, whose founder helped create the popular cryptocurrency ether along with the blockchain platform it runs on, Ethereum, has signed on to take about 15,000 ...and more »

Crain's New York Business

2018-08-17 17:38:00

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Alice in Chains to perform atop Space Needle among string of Seattle events

Next week Alice in Chains unveil their first new album in five years and the grunge heroes will storm Seattle, taking their promotional tour to new heights. Lousy puns aside, the hard-rock heavyweights will acoustically rock out atop the new-look Space ...

The Seattle Times

2018-08-17 16:52:15

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Busines Initiative Directions Award

Maju Nusa in Malaysia Provides the Most Complete Array of IT, Communication and Data Management Solutions Available

The Cold War and the Race for Space brought us Sputnik, Telstar and 21st Century Communications

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'Space Heroes' Trading Card Game Sets Up Space Race Between Players

Do you hold the cards to win the space race? That is the challenge laid out by "Space Heroes: Journey to Space," a new trading card game now being crowdfunded that blends the past, present and future of space exploration with the expansive ...and more »

2018-08-17 15:29:40

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NASA's Opportunity Rover on Mars Still Silent 2 Months into Epic Dust Storm

Engineers are trying to communicate with Opportunity several times a week using NASA's Deep Space Network, a system of big radio dishes around the globe. They hail the robot during scheduled "wake-up times" and then listen for a response. And team ...and more »

2018-08-17 15:08:10

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