Ministry of Human Development hosts leadership workshop

The workshop theme entitled, “Leading from the Middle,” was facilitated by Dr. Lois Parkes, Regional Project Manager of the Caribbean Leadership Project. Dr. Parkes has twenty years of experience in various human resources roles in Jamaica including ...

Breaking Belize News (blog)

Dad's Leadership

My father is a servant leader. For years, I watched him give money to people who are homeless. I have observed him on multiple occasions put the needs of others before his self-interests. My dad is the type of honorable leader who former Coldwell Bank ...

The Good Men Project (blog)

2018-07-22 18:03:17

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Jaquan Johnson talks leadership, motivation and adversity at ACC Kickoff

Jaquan Johnson was the Miami Hurricanes representative for the defense at the ACC Kickoff in Charlotte. He discussed his leadership role on the team, Ahmmon Richards' game, going through adversity as a team and the turnover chain. Jaquan Johnson ...and more »

Canes Warning

2018-07-22 17:45:13

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Democratic lawmaker calls for 'new generation' of leadership in party

Moulton also said he would not challenge House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi if the opportunity arose, but added that the party needed a "uniter." "I said very clearly that I'm not challenging Leader Pelosi. But I am going to talk about the type of ...and more »


2018-07-22 15:57:13

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The prospects for Chinese leadership in an age of upheaval

While American allies are riding out the storm for now, the tumult Trump leaves in his wake wherever he goes is already creating space for Chinese leadership on a host of issues. It's no secret that Chinese President Xi Jinping sees China as the world ...and more »

The Conversation CA

2018-07-22 14:23:24

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5 Leadership Hacks Every Entrepreneur Must Know

With an ever increasing number of people making the transition from corporate to startups and small businesses every year, entrepreneurship is a word that is no longer the content of business textbooks. With India transforming into a startup hub, the ...


2018-07-22 13:15:09

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