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The Straits Times

2017-08-21 21:01:22

Future of pre-schools: Better quality but less diversity and more academic pressure

The quality of pre-schools will improve with the Government's greater presence in the market. Fee hikes will also be stemmed, said industry observers and players. But some also noted that this could lead to fewer choices for parents as smaller players ...and more »

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Asociación Argentina de Marcas y Franquicias (AAMF)

Argentina's leading franchises and brands association provides education and support to business owners

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American Medical Association (blog)

2017-08-21 20:47:37

AMA to CMS: Work to simplify Quality Payment Program regulations

The AMA told the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that it supported many of the proposals it offered for the second year of the Medicare Quality Payment Program (QPP), but it also encouraged the agency to do more to simplify the ...and more »

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Hótel Eyvindará, East Iceland’s Finest Family-Owned Hotel

For ten years, the entrepreneurs behind Hotel Eyvindará have been sharing authentic, high quality Icelandic hospitality to visitors from around the world

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BID Awarded ArcelorMittal

The largest steel producer in the world continues to expand operations worldwide while minimizing its environmental impact

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