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2018-01-15 20:10:00

The success of retail bots depends on quality human relationships

Retail has always been an industry where service quality informs success, where “the customer is always right.” But in the seven years since that interview, consumers have raised the stakes higher and have created considerably more complex challenges ...

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Al-Watania Saudi Arabia is the Middle East’s Largest Chicken Producer and Much More

After 9,000 Years as a Domesticated Animal, Consumption of Poultry has only Recently Taken Off

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2018-01-15 20:04:09

Dublin Airport want to replace Spar with 'high quality coffee'

"Research and analysis of the current offering in this T2 Landside Area has identified that there is a gap in the zone for a high quality coffee offering along with a strong sandwich / wrap / grab and go offer. "Given the mixed profile of users of the ...and more »

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Quiet Haven Hotel; Rwanda’s Best New Quality Lodgings

Beautiful outdoor spaces merge with luxurious accommodations in up-and-coming Kigali

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Iceland Travel Assistance

With a buzzing culture & arts scene coupled with rustic and wild beauty, Iceland draws over one million visitors every year

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