How Far Could Roper Technologies Fall?

In addition to Roper Technologies (ROP) checking all those boxes above, I also had a request from a reader a couple months ago to analyze Roper. Since that time, the stock price has continued to rise and make even higher highs. There have been several ...

Seeking Alpha

Alex Kind (One of A Kind Technologies): “Nothing wrong with profitable growth”

In the run-up to that event in Tilburg's Wagenmakerij, we look ahead with the members of the jury. Today Alex Kind, CEO and co-founder of One of A Kind Technologies. One of A Kind Technologies, based in Eindhoven, has grown in four years from a ...

Innovation Origins

2018-09-23 15:33:45

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These 3 Technologies Will Transform Dentistry

Advanced technologies are overhauling the future of dentistry, making tremendous growth in the diagnostic devices and treatment options. Imagine this: You experience a sudden and sharp pain in your tooth. The next thing you do is run to the washroom, ...

BBN Times

2018-09-23 12:04:35

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Achieving Sustainable Development Goals through Space Science and Technologies

Satellite technology and space education is basically needed to be taught in schools to provide first hand knowledge about Space. Space Science can disrupt Educational sector by providing smart innovative GPS devices and tools which are embedded with ...

Space in Africa (press release)

2018-09-23 11:45:26

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ZF To Invest $14 BIllion In Electric And Autonomous Technologies

Automotive parts supplier ZF is investing heavily in developing the latest vehicle technology. Bloomberg reports that the German company will invest $14 billion over the next five years on autonomous and electric tech, spending roughly $2.8 billion ...


2018-09-23 11:00:21

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Water technologies

The Department of Science and Technology acknowledges two technologies of Ecosystem Technologies International Inc. as viable solutions for water security and sanitation. Shown during the 2018 Philippine Water Forum organized by the Water Alliance, ...

2018-09-23 10:36:00

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