How Technology Is Driving Us Toward Peak Globalization

By “stuff,” I am referring to liquid fuels, coal, containers on ships, food, raw materials, products, etc. New technologies are moving us toward “production-at-the-point-of-consumption” of energy, food, and products with reduced reliance on a global ...

Singularity Hub

Evoqua Water Technologies Proposes Terms For $500 Million IPO

Evoqua Water has filed amended terms for a $500 million IPO of company shares and those of selling shareholders. The firm provides a range of water treatment products and services to industrial and municipal customers worldwide. Financial performance ...

Seeking Alpha

2017-10-20 17:40:00

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We Need Computers with Empathy

What if, instead, these technologies—smart speakers, autonomous vehicles, television sets, connected refrigerators, mobile phones—were aware of your emotions? What if they sensed nonverbal behavior in real time? Your car might notice that you look ...

MIT Technology Review

2017-10-20 04:00:44

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New car owners blast technology in Consumer Reports reliability survey; Toyota does well

“These new technologies can add features and improve fuel efficiency, but are more prone to have issues. More often than not, our data suggests it's prudent for consumers to wait for the technology to mature,” said Jake Fisher, director of auto testing ...and more »

Chicago Tribune

2017-10-19 18:34:01

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Team clarifies valley polarization for electronic and optoelectronic ...

An interdisciplinary team of scientists at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has uncovered a direct link between sample quality and the degree of valley ...and more »


2017-10-19 18:14:29

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Popular Science names two Brooklyn technologies among top 100 inventions of 2017

Two new technologies born in Downtown Brooklyn made Popular Science magazine's list of top inventions for 2017. Uptane, a cybersecurity for cars project out of NYU Tandon, and goTenna, a decentralized cell network technology were listed in the ... Brooklyn

2017-10-19 16:02:00

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