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Innovation in the War on Drugs: Narcosubs

[By Javier Guerrero C.] Last year, the Colombian Navy detected and captured the first electric narco-submarine. Demonstrating the innovative capacities of Colombian drug traffickers, narco-submarines (also known as drug subs, narco-semisubmersibles, ...

The Maritime Executive

2018-06-19 19:22:11

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Susman Godfrey Focused on Innovation, Efficiency Before They Were 'Buzzwords'

Our greatest innovation remains in the area of fee arrangements. We are endlessly creative in coming up with non-hourly fee proposals to suit a potential client's needs, and to align our interests more closely with theirs. We are relentless in our ...

2018-06-19 17:47:00

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Busines Initiative Directions Award

AL KALTHOMI General Contracting (KGC)

Saudi Arabian contractors helping to build the fast-growing city of Dammam

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MOJEC International Limited

Diversified holding company in Nigeria addresses country’s biggest hurdles to growth

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Spark Tank: Moody airmen 'ignite' innovation

Rivaling one of the most popular business shows where participants showcase their innovative concepts with the goal of winning financial support from the judges, the airmen sought to do the same by aiming their ideas toward restoring readiness, ...

Valdosta Daily Times

2018-06-19 16:51:00

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Binary Tree inks its first chief innovation officer

Kendall Park-based Binary Tree has named its first chief innovation officer, it announced Tuesday. Vincent Fournier, the company's new chief innovation officer, will report to CEO Nick Wilkinson, Binary Tree said. Fournier will be responsible for ...

2018-06-19 16:24:45

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