Russia nuclear treaty: Gorbachev warns Trump plan will undermine disarmament

The treaty is "significant for international security and security in the sphere of nuclear arms, for the maintenance of strategic stability," he told state news agency Tass. The minister also told the news agency RIA Novosti that if the US continues ...

BBC News

2018-10-21 15:33:45

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Jordan seeks to end Israel land lease

Jordan says it plans to end a lease of two areas of land to Israel that was agreed in annexes to the 1994 peace treaty between the two countries. The areas are Naharayim in the north and Tzofar in the south, known as Baqura and Ghamr in Arabic. The ...and more »

BBC News

2018-10-21 14:52:04

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Busines Initiative Directions Award


Diversified IT experts from Mozambique help build nation's economy

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4 ways to fix 'fake news'

Politicians: Stop using the term "fake news." The worst thing for a country is having people believe lies, or trust nothing. One day soon, something bad will happen, and it will take faith in information to fix it. You erode trust at our collective ...


2018-10-21 14:01:37

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Pipes, monks and glaciers: Climbing Everest, 1920s-style

British mountaineer George Mallory took his last breath on the imperious slopes of Everest in 1924. But three years before that, he made history as part of the first British reconnaissance expedition to the world's highest peak. Led by soldier and ...and more »

BBC News

2018-10-21 13:30:14

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